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Konfigurasi rsync untuk backup file ke server lain


Rsync akan dilakukan pada source server dan destination di server backup

contoh yang akan dilakukan sync dari /var/www/html di Host kowalski server[] ke dalam /home/backup server backup [].

[1]Konfigurasi di server backup

[verrysoon@backup]# yum -y install rsync xinetd

[verrysoon@backup]# vi /etc/xinetd.d/rsync

# default: off

# description: The rsync server is a good addition to an ftp server, as it \

# allows crc checksumming etc.

service rsync


disable= no# change

flags= IPv6

socket_type= stream

wait= no

user= root

server= /usr/bin/rsync

server_args= –daemon

log_on_failure+= USERID


[verrysoon@backup]# /etc/rc.d/init.d/xinetd start

Starting xinetd:[ OK ]

[verrysoon@backup]# chkconfig xinetd on

[verrysoon@backup]# mkdir /home/backup

[verrysoon@backup]# vi /etc/rsyncd.conf

# any name you like


# destination directory

path = /home/backup

# Hosts you allow to copy (specify source Host)

hosts allow =

hosts deny = *

list = true

uid = root

gid = root

read only = false

[2]Konfigurasi di server utama kowalski

[verrysoon@kowalski]# yum -y install rsync

[verrysoon@kowalski]# vi /etc/rsync_exclude.lst

# specify files or directories you’d like to exclude to copy



[3] Test di server utama seperti berikut :

[verrysoon@kowalski]# rsync -avz –delete –exclude-from=/etc/rsync_exclude.lst /var/www/html/

# Jika berhasil pasang di crontab

[verrysoon@kowalski]# crontab -e

# run at 2:00 AM in a day

00 02 * * * rsync -avz –delete –exclude-from=/etc/rsync_exclude.lst /var/www/html/

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